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5 Tips to Out-Research Your Competitors

A New Way to Think About Competitive Advantage

There are many ways to achieve competitive advantage. You can build a better product, offer better customer service, have a lower price, or be easier to do business with. Whether you have a tangible advantage or one that exists in the hearts and minds of customers, competitive advantage can be an important key to market leadership.

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Angela Williams July 21, 2017 No Comments

B2B Marketing: Not as Rational as You Think

Many marketers believe that one of the key differences in B2B and B2C marketing is that B2B purchase decisions are more rational. While it is true that businesses usually include more people in the process, and there may be more analysis and justification, that fact is that B2B purchase decisions are ultimately made by people. And people are not always rational. Read more

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Activating Brand Loyalty in Consumers

In our last blog, we made a case for motivational selling strategies over simple persuasion. Motivational strategies take advantage of marketing materials that connect with customers’ values, a compelling connection that establishes an internally-driven desire for the brand, leading to brand advocacy, and creates long-term financial and brand success. Of course, motivational strategies sell also, but not by simply addressing transient need states, appealing to price, benefits or features, or by comparing themselves to competitors. Read more

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Think Outside the Recruiting Box for Better Insights

Recruiting the right people is absolutely the critical success factor for qualitative research. But often there is not just one right answer to the question “who knows what we want to learn?”

Of course, they must meet your client’s project requirements if specs are included in the brief.  And it is a good idea to talk to the obvious participants:  a category user,  aware and familiar with certain brands,  recent experience with a product or brand, the list goes on and on. Read more