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15th June 2021

The FeltonBuford Partners Story

There are a lot of good researchers out there. There aren’t a lot of researchers out there who think creatively.

We’re not bragging. It’s just fact. If you look at the research, only about 40% of the general population scores high in creativity. And when you add in people with critical thinking skills, strategic perspective, and extensive experience in global research, the numbers are miniscule. At FeltonBuford Partners, we place a high priority on creativity, critical thinking, and strategic perspective that delivers a resourceful and innovative approach to your marketing research project.

Why should you want creative marketing research?

We work with clients to understand their challenges and then creatively apply our experience to bring strategic insight. We’ve been on your side of the table, so we know what questions to ask. We strive to get you insights that are more than actionable: insights that can actually deepen or even change your perspective on your customer, your market, your entire business. It hits you in the gut. It’s exciting. It moves the needle. Sometimes the “default methodology” won’t get you there.

How do we do that? Five ways:

  1. We have walked in your shoes. We have all built successful businesses, managed great brands, produced exceptional marketing. As former clients, we know what you want – and don’t want. We have all worked in top-tier global companies, and we know how to make you look good.
  2. We have deep industry experience. We know Healthcare and Pharma, CPG, and Financial Services. And we know them well. For example, collectively, we have over 60 years’ experience in CPG. Yes, we know
  3. We have exceptional qualitative research expertise. Qualitative research has moved way beyond focus groups and in-depth interviews. Technology has given us myriad new ways of reaching customers, and we use all of them. Mobile, online, in-pers In-home, in-store, in-transit. Using both qualitative and quantitative together. We think outside the methodological box to get the insights you need.
  4. We have extensive expertise in global. We don’t just run global projects. We know what works in what countries, and why. We know how to sort through cultural differences to get to the information you need to run your business. Seattle, Seoul, Sydney – just ask.

And number 5? That creative thing. At FeltonBuford Partners, our creative qualitative researchers are interesting, multi-dimensional individuals. Together, we have a unique mix of interests, skill sets, and experiences that we bring to your project. We can connect the dots and see the patterns differently. Then, applying our critical thinking and strong strategic perspective, we can lead you in exciting new direction. That’s creative problem solving, and that’s where we shine.