Strategic. Creative. Astute.

Hope Felton-Miller is one of the Founders and Principals of FeltonBuford Partners. Clients especially appreciate Hope for her strategic contributions, based on straight-up smarts, but also on critical and creative thinking. She is also known for her exceptional ability to connect with respondents, developing a deep understanding of their opinions, aspirations and concerns. She is dedicated to listening to the research, and thinking deeply about the findings without assumptions, until she can connect the dots, find the story, and work out how that impacts and improves her client’s business.

Hope’s background includes starting as a scientist (managed a university Immunochemistry Lab), being a Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble, and then founding and managing FeltonBuford Partners. She has developed a broad base of skills over her career, both on the client and supplier sides in business, and also in her previous incarnation as a scientist.  Curiosity, empathy, rigor, deep thinking, and endless persistence – Hope applies all of these to clients’ business problems in every engagement:

Hope has a passion for service, and when she’s not serving her clients and co-workers, she’s serving her industry and community. In addition to years of leadership in research organizations (especially QRCA), she has lead various nonprofit organization Boards. Currently, the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati is a particular favorite. She is also an enthusiastic world traveler and collector of women’s art.

Hope Felton-Miller

Hope Felton-Miller

Vice President & Managing Partner