Passionate. Tenacious. Adaptable.

Yin and yang. Left brain and right brain. Today and tomorrow. Kim Smith is the perfect and yet unusual blend of opposites, incorporating the analytical and the intuitive, the art and the science, the pragmatic and the innovative in everything she does. Kim is a strategist and researcher whose projects are enriched not only by her training and varied experiences as a moderator, but also by her extensive experiences as a senior level business person and marketer.

Kim empathetically applies her global business experience to give her clients a better research experience.

She quickly and thoroughly understands her clients’ complex business situations and executes research that strategically, flexibly, and relentlessly delivers breakthrough results. She sets the bar high and does not rest until she feels she has delivered her very best, creating loyal clients who ask for her time and again.

Kim’s joy in using both the left and right sides of her brain – personally and professionally – is demonstrated in a love for technology, analytics, and science, as well as her passion for photography, art, and energy studies. She is an avid, hiker, cyclist, and permanently injured long distance runner, so it is especially helpful that she is also pursuing certification in Healing Touch (energetic healing as a complement to Western medicine.)

Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Senior Strategist & Researcher