Connected. Persistent. Effective.

Your marketing research results are only as good as the people we get to give you feedback. And, for myriad reasons, getting quality marketing research respondents is a growing concern in the industry. Maribeth has become a “guru” in the area of screener development; knowing those specific questions that will get to the precise client target. Additionally, throughout her career, she has fostered relationships with qualitative research companies, qualitative and quantitative researchers, and consultants all over the world. She instinctively knows which markets and marketing research companies will be able to deliver respondents to fit all of the client’s specifications, and then she knows who to call to validate that. Maribeth’s contacts and relationships are invaluable to FeltonBuford Partners clients and moderators alike.

Beyond her great instincts and deep experience, her attention to detail and her ability to effectively manage multiple projects that are her greatest strengths. She responds quickly to research projects demands and timelines and will not hesitate to “lower the hammer” (nicely, of course) if necessary to ensure a successful project.  No client will ever feel that their study is not getting the full attention necessary to achieve their research goals when Maribeth is in charge.

Maribeth is an avid golfer and will play anytime, anywhere, around the world. Set up a tee time with her …if you dare!

Maribeth McGraw

Maribeth McGraw

Project Director