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2nd August 2021

Our Palette

Just as a painter uses a palette to hold his paints, we have a palette of research tools that we use to solve your research challenges.

Our extensive array of research tools lets us creatively and effectively solve any research challenge, anywhere in the world. In many projects – domestic and global – the right answer is to use a combination of approaches. By looking at the problem from different perspectives, we can develop breakthrough insights that deliver business success. Because we use many tools, and know how to apply them globally, we can create the right solution for your research challenge. Always.

FeltonBuford Partners handles the most difficult-to-research respondents with ease. Surgeons and other healthcare specialists, mavens and industry experts, key decision makers – no problem. Talking to consumers about money or their private lives, or patients about their disease – we know how to get it done. And we do it globally.

Global marketing research projects with difficult populations and sensitive subjects are not the ONLY things we do. But we do these exceptionally well. So if we can solve the toughest research challenges, you know we will handle your research challenge just as successfully.

We’ve Never Met a Research Problem We Couldn’t Solve. Anywhere in the world.