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2nd August 2021

Values Mining

945581086-612x612 (1)Marketers talk a lot about motivating consumers to do something, whether it’s to purchase a product, use a service, or support an idea or cause. However, motivation is not really the beginning. To truly motivate consumers, you first have to understand their values.

Every human has a set of core values. When a marketer discovers the core values of a consumer, it holds the golden nuggets of motivation.

Values Mining delivers an understanding of these values, a map to the motherlode of motivational factors that can produce extraordinary results.

Newly mined knowledge can be used for competitive advantage in a variety of ways:

  • Product portfolio design/optimization
  • Communication development
  • Deploying the insights throughout the organization

Through Values Mining, marketing gold is uncovered and translated into actionable recommendations that will enrich the business and take it to the next level.

For a more in-depth look, please see our Infographic on understanding values that powerfully motivate customers.

See Values Mining in action, view our Case Study.

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