A leader in qualitative research and strategy development
2nd August 2021

Who We Are

FeltonBuford Partners started with one goal: to be the kind of research firm they wanted to hire when they were on the client side. With that goal in mind, they brought together a team of exceptional researchers, each of whom has:

  • Industry expertise: We have years of deep management experience in a variety of industries.
  • Client-side experience: We didn’t just work in other businesses, we ran them. We were responsible for developing sales strategies, managing marketing, introducing new products and overall financial success.
  • Marketing Research knowledge: We’ve been the client, so we know what it takes to run a great marketing research project that makes you look like a rock star.
  • Global perspective: For FeltonBuford Partners, global means more than multi-national. We have a deep understanding and appreciation for global businesses. We know what tools work in what cultures – and which tools don’t.
  • Creative thinking: Don’t look for the same-old, same-old from us. We’ll bring a fresh perspective to your business problems – and the solutions. We don’t default to the tried-and-true until we’re sure that’s the right approach.
Meet the Team