Consumer Case Study

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  • Information about target consumers was “sterile” – X% do this, Y% do that – but lacked depth of understanding on the consumer beliefs, values and ways to more effectively connect with the consumer
  • Opportunity existed across the organization to put the consumer front and center of business decisions made
  • Team consisted of many new and junior level marketers, so client wanted to provide opportunity for training, development and greater empowerment
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  • Develop a deep understanding of the beliefs, values and influencers that motivate target consumers in the category
  • Focus the organization on fulfilling consumer needs
  • Build the organization’s marketing skills

How we did it

  • A team of skilled researchers, facilitators and creative talent lead the research
  • Designed a robust and custom hybrid methodology to dig deep into target consumers’ motivating values and beliefs relevant to supplements
  • Research uncovered and described a number of motivations for the category, and the underlying values and beliefs held by various segments
  • In addition to in-depth reporting, Team developed series of posters, a video and profiles for company newsletter describing each motivation and associated consumer groups. Infographics brought the information to life
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Insights informed future product development and communications strategies


Organization rallied around their newly understood target consumers. Posters were visible on many office walls. Monthly company newsletter featured segment profiles


Marketing skills developed “from the bottom up” vs. top down initiatives


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