Research Tools

Tools That Work

  • F2F or online
    • Focus groups
    • In-depth interviews (IDI’s)
  • Ethnography
  • Asynchronous interactive discussion boards
  • Online chat
  • Telephone interviews—landline, mobile, web-assisted
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Mock committee meetings
  • Hybrid qual/quant methodologies
  • Quantitative surveys, polls, tracking studies, segmentation
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Your Project is Our Project

We employ the right research tools to uncover key insights across a wide variety of projects. Whatever your project, we have the people and resources to get the answers you need.

  • Market assessment including outlook, trends, and drivers
  • Secondary research reviews
  • Concept development (products/services concepts, communications, messaging, packaging, etc.)
  • Positioning and branding evaluations
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Communications assessment
  • Usability

Values Mining

It is better to have a motivated customer than a persuaded customer. However, the ability to truly motivate consumers begins with the hard work of discovering and understanding their core values. Values Mining is a keyway to uncover these internal truths that can then be used for competitive advantage in product portfolio design and optimization, communication development, deploying insights throughout the organization, and more. Values mining digs deep for extraordinary insights.

Values Mining PDF Captures

Beyond The Insights

Our goal is to help bring clarity to your most pressing business challenges. Often, that goes beyond simply providing our market research expertise. As former successful corporate managers ourselves, we understand your world and can assist you in a variety of ways inside your organization to turn powerful insights into results-oriented action.

We can help you:

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Connect Insights to Critical Business Strategies

We’ll turn knowledge into action by developing strategies that lead to strong competitive advantage.

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Deploy and Activate Recommendations

We’ll work with you to engage the right stakeholders in workshops and deployment sessions to create powerful action plans.

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Develop Concepts

We can collaborate with you to write concepts that can be explored and vetted via qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

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Develop Your Teams

We can share our expertise in market research with teams inside your organization so that they better understand the basics of qualitative research and how they can use research to gain competitive advantage or advance their mission.