A leader in qualitative research and strategy development
23rd July 2021

After 25 years we continue to evolve and grow.
Felton Willis is now FeltonBuford Partners,
and we are excited to offer even more powerful
insights that will lead to transformational
growth for our clients.

Creative Marketing Research

At FeltonBuford Partners,
Is not an oxymoron.

The FeltonBuford Partners Story

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Who We Are

When our firm was started FeltonBuford Partners with one goal: to be the kind of research firm they wanted to hire when they were on the client side.

Our Work

We work in many industries, all across the globe, but we have concentrated in Healthcare/Pharma, Consumer Package Goods (CPG), and Financial Services.
Our Palette

Our Palette

Just as a painter uses a palette to hold his paints, we have a palette of research tools that we use to solve your research challenges.
Global Capabilities

Global Capabilities

Global research is a vast challenge, but FeltonBuford Partners makes it work to deliver outstanding global insights to our clients.

The FeltonBuford Partners Story

There are a lot of good researchers out there.
There aren’t a lot of researchers out there who think creatively.

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Not Your Typical Marketing Research Firm

We have deep knowledge in many industries, all over the globe, and especially Healthcare and Pharma, CPG, and Financial Services.

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