Our Story

The FeltonBuford Partners Story

Some were in brand management, some in advertising agencies. Some worked in analytics, others in strategy consultancies, and some in product development. What they all had in common was a clear understanding of how important it is to develop a deep knowledge of their customers and competition−and to base their strategies on those insights.

Over time, all these people crossed paths, and one by one they joined together to form a company that produces the kind of clear insights that they had used themselves to drive winning strategies. They found that their different backgrounds and experiences and personal perspectives result in a special kind of magic. They found that working with clients in different industries help them reapply ideas from one category into another. And their clients found that this company produces an uncommon level of insights AND strategically sound recommendations about what to do with them.

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The guiding principles of Felton Willis−now FeltonBuford−have been constant since our company’s inception: work with passion and intensity to find and make clear the deepest insights that can make a real difference in businesses and organizations. And, work with equal intensity to support the clients that must bring this transformation to life.


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