Global Research

Wherever you need to uncover transformational insights that can power your business, we’ll be there, whether it’s around the block or across the globe. We’ve fearlessly tackled complex research projects in nearly two-dozen countries, including the high-growth BRIC nations. Of this you can sure: where others may be daunted, FeltonBuford Partners delivers.

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  • Connected
  • Hands On
  • Tech Smart
  • Culturally Aware
  • Industry Savvy
  • Geo-Knowledgeable
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When You Think Global,
Think FeltonBuford Partners

  • Connected We have partner relationships with high performance marketing research firms around the world to help us implement even the most difficult research programs.
  • Hands On Wherever your project may be in the world, we’re in control. We train the local qualitative moderators and translators, observe the discussions using simultaneous translation, consolidate the findings, and file a comprehensive, actionable report.
  • Tech Smart While web-based interviewing and live video streaming may work effectively in some countries, in others a lack of tech infrastructure could make digital research methodologies difficult, if not impossible. With FeltonBuford Partners, you can be sure we’ll know which tech tools can be deployed where and how.
  • Culturally Aware Because we have relationships with an array of expert local recruiters and moderators throughout the world, we have the ability to understand and interpret the cultural nuances in various global markets and can apply that knowledge when uncovering insights and developing actionable strategies.
  • Industry Savvy Standards and procedures in particular industries may vary from country to country. We understand how those differences can affect the project and design the structure of our research program accordingly to ensure we get the insights and answers you need.
  • Geo-Knowledgeable We know that basic geography can have a substantial effect on the practical aspects of implementing a global research program.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

We most appreciate FeltonBuford’s ability to be our strategic partner.

– Global Insights Manager, Fortune 100 Company

We are very happy with FeltonBuford’s work. They are the first call we make for research.

– Founder, Global Medical Devices Company

FeltonBuford is top of the mark.

– Head of Insights, Major Financial Institution

I have done a lot of market research, and I can tell you that this is very high quality market research.

– Insights Manager, Fortune 100 Company


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