Persistent. Inventive. Dedicated.

April is a Senior Researcher with FeltonBuford Partners, known as a creative problem solver with a broad toolkit.  Whether it is conducting a webcam study with key decision makers in 10 countries; sifting through customer data to identify the most relevant target audience; or leading a focus group to uncover insights that will shape a new initiative; April is persistent in finding the best ways to answer client’s questions and inform strategic decisions.

April broad background in marketing and non-marketing positions in a variety of industries gives her a broad and deep foundation of business knowledge and experience. She began her business career in the grocery industry, building skills from there working in a B2B startup, and then in advertising before settling in market research. She also has extensive experience with clients in CPG, Technology, and Healthcare. April sees the value of combining qualitative and quantitative to tell her clients’ stories, so is intentionally taking graduate-level courses to develop new skills in Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

As a leader in the qualitative research industry, April is a frequent presenter at industry conferences. Her perspectives on innovative and creative new methodologies are especially valued by her peers.

April M. Flessa

April M. Flessa

Senior Strategist & Researcher