Proactive. Organized. Effective.

Christi Gall is the Business Manager of FeltonBuford Partners and the driving force behind our administration and organization. She is also a key part of many of our new business initiatives, using her years of business planning and organization experience.

Christi worked as an assistant city manager and a city public relations manager. And while working at FeltonBuford Partners may not be as public, Christi is up for the challenge. She adeptly deals with projects from their initiation to their conclusion without a hitch. In addition to making sure correct procedures are followed, Christi is the go-to person for clients with questions regarding, billing, invoicing, as well as for employee questions on training and payroll.

Wearing many hats comes naturally to Christi at work and at home in her role to mom of four! Her super organizational and time management skills do allow her a little “free” time, which she spends playing sports (tennis, snowboarding) and in community service.

Christi Gall

Christi Gall

Vice President & Managing Partner